Using a soft computing method for impedance modelling of li-ion battery current


نویسندگان: محمد بهداد جمشیدی – روزبه فرهادی – مرتضی جمشیدی – زهرا شمسی

سال: ۱۳۹۶

زبان: انگلیسی

ISI – Scopus

کلمات کلیدی:

 Electrochemical – impedance modelling – li-ion battery – soft computing – complex systems – systems engineering – ANFIS


Using the soft computing as a powerful tool for modelling of complex systems is highly regarded. Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system is one of the best methods of soft computing which identifies and models nonlinear systems. In this paper, complex impedance behaviours of li-ion batteries are studied by adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system. To present an approach for modelling and identification of electrochemical systems is purposed. This method can be improved to reach the most accurate model of the batteries. In the presented work, complex current is modelled as the main important element of the batteries in impedance state. Modelling results showed that this method can have acceptable output for impedance modelling the batteries



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